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In this tutorial you will learn how to load your homebrew without install/run it manually everytime to test it.

What you need :

  • A Playstation 3 connected on a router;
  • A PC connected to the same router as the PlayStation 3;
  • PSL1GHT;
  • PS3Load pkg or PS3LoadX pkg;

First thing we need to define the environment on your PC (YOU NEED TO DO THIS JUST ONE TIME) :


Linux :

echo "export PS3LOAD=tcp:" >> ~/.bashrc

(change the with your PlayStation 3 IP)

Macintosh :

echo "export PS3LOAD=tcp:" >> ~/.profile

(change the with your PlayStation 3 IP)

Save bash preferences

. ~/.bashrc

Install PS3LOAD on your PS3 and execute it.

On your PlayStation 3 :

Install the PS3Load package via "Install Package Files".

On your PC run :

  1. Make your app, produce at least an ELF
  2. Link your elf
    sprxlinker yourapp.elf  #(this should be done for you if you use any of the samples)
  3. Makeself your app
    make_self yourapp.elf yourapp.self
  4. Launch ps3load
    ps3load yourapp.self



Deroad/Wargio; Team PS3Dev; PS3DevWiki;

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