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What is PSXBrew Wiki ?

The PSXBrew Wiki is based on MediaWiki, his purpose is to gather all the resources about PlayStation 3 development/programming. The first goal is to teach to the "simple user" how to program with the free PSL1GHT SDK and make homebrew based on it.

I heard that a similar Wiki already exist, PS3Tutorials ?

Yes and PSXBrew Wiki is nothing more than PS3Tutorials with a "proper" domain name and server which lead to a better service (and a better control by the owner of the wiki, Deroad/Wargio).

And what about PS3DevWiki ? It seems that PSXBrew Wiki and PS3DevWiki are identical.

No. PSXBrew Wiki is in no way affiliated to PS3DevWiki and it do not have the same purpose. The very well known (and good) PS3DevWiki, created and hosted by Defyboy and highly maintained by EussNL, is concentrate on reverse engineering, otheros, hardware and software information, hardware and software hacks. All of this related to the PlayStation 3 (of course).

In the other hand, PSXBrew Wiki is focused on PlayStation 3 development/programming, with the help of many tutorials for early beginners.

Who got the idea of PSXBrew Wiki ?

The man behind this wiki (first called PS3Tutorials) is Deroad/Wargio, a well-known PlayStation 3 developer and one of the first to make easy tutorials about the "PlayStation 3 programming". You can learn more about him and his contribution to the "PlayStation 3 Scene" on his blog :

I want to contribute to this wiki, what i have to know before starting any edits ?

First, the PSXBrew Wiki is only about development/programming (mostly focused on "user land" homebrew), so don't come here for otheros/hardware/hack tutorial/paper/post, for this kind of contribution, you'll be welcome in PS3DevWiki. But if you want to contribute to an article about PSL1GHT (the main subject here) or any other library related to the PlayStation 3 (except official SONY SDK, of course...), you're very welcome.

I don't know a thing about PlayStation 3 development/programming but i do want to contribute to PSXBrew wiki, how i can do this ?

It is possible to contribute in many others way. For example, you can play the "grammar nazi" and correct every bad typo and syntax errors. You can also assume the role of "wiki format guardian" and make it more presentable (in most case, devs are not good at this). It is also possible to translate the English page in your native language, so more people will be able to learn and share their knowledge (but English stay the main language on this wiki).

Well, i think you've understand what i want to make you understand, any kind of good contribution is welcome.

I don't understand English very well, does some translations exist and where i can find these pages ?

If a translation in your language exist, it should be listed in List of available language page.

I want more details about the process of page translation, any tutorial or link ?

You should read this topic.

I read somewhere that the PSXBrew website (wiki, forums, blog) and his owners, are asking for donation/money, how much can i send and to whom ?

You send nothing to nobody. PSXBrew website and his owners will NEVER ask for money or/and donation. We're not here for the money. Period.

What is the policy of the PSXBrew Wiki about "WAREZ" ?

It is simple, any form of "WAREZ" is prohibited and will be deleted if it creeps into the wiki. Download games, PSN, crack, patch, TB, etc..

Keep this in its place: not there.

Is there any other things I should know about PSXBrew Wiki ?

Surely there are many things you should learn about this project. But start at the beginning and read this : Privacy_policy and General_disclaimer.

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